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VHS. Uncle Yura

2019 - 2023

"VHS. Uncle Yura" is a video-art project that delves into the dark and often overlooked corners of society.

The artist travels to the Carpathian Mountains to document the life of a lonely, elderly poet living in an old Austrian sanatorium. As she delves deeper into the poet's world, they are drawn into his strange and hypnotic performances, a mix of poetry, music, and dance. Through the lens of the camera, we see the poet's unique and atypical ideas, which are not always accepted by the commercial world but offer a powerful and emotional outlet for him.

However, as the project unfolds, we are also confronted with the harsh realities of life in a dilapidated sanatorium, where the poet and his fellow residents are confined to a world of isolation and neglect. We see the loneliness and desperation that drive the poet to seek out any form of connection or attention, even if it means performing in a creepy mask or insisting on endless rehearsals. We also see the artist’s own struggles as they confront their own feelings of disorientation and confusion, and struggle to make sense of the strange and surreal world they have stumbled upon.

This is an exploration of the human desire to be seen and heard, and the lengths we will go to achieve it. It is a raw and honest look at the struggles and triumphs of those who are often overlooked and marginalized by society, and a reminder of the transformative power of art.

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